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Qifi Enhance to give Modern Yogic Lifestyle by QifiApp

Qifi App offers customized goal based Yoga, Fitness plans, Diet Plans, Nutrition Programs & Explore spirituality. The app also offers easy-to-do yoga asanas as illustrations, natural foods, meditation, pranayamas, chakras and nutritions to maintain healthy balance in modern life style.

Nutrition Special Features

  • Access of All Yoga Asanas
  • Mindfulness Programs
  • Exclusive Diet Plans
  • Medicinal Circumstances Plans
  • Healthy Recipes & Nutritions
  • A Nutrition Lifestyle
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Our Qifi Exclusive Nutritions

How IT Works

4 Easy Steps For Happy Life


Qifi wellness explore ravishing health enhancing on your modern lifestyle.


Qifi Mindfulness makes you calm, compossive & productive mindset all among others.


Spirituality means different things to different people. Qifi works apart from every religion.


Heartfulness Meditation Will Help You to Live a healthy Life, Manage Your Emotions.

Reason of Choice

Why Choose Qifi for wellness?

One subsricption for all your wellness needs

Unlimited Access to 400+ Asanas, 150+ Fitness Plans, 400+ Diet & illness Plans, Explore spirituality, 2000+ Nutrtions and its benefits, Regular insights, 120+ Healthy recipes by Experts.


Unlimited access on Programs

Qifi programs gives you all various Physical, Mental & Disease Causes yoga asanas, nutrition to intake and mindfulness activities Pranayama and Mudra.


Meditation for Kids

Qifi serve as a wonderful start for your child's meditation journey. The language is simple and engaging and something that would captures a child's imagination.


Unlimited Access on Yoga Asanas

Browse our extensive yoga asana library, with a large collection of postures with clear instructions on how to get into it, how to safely get out of it, and their benefits.