QiFi - Holistic Wellness

A new Generation a app for you!

A QiFi App designed by group of individuals with same thought process of Yoga, Health, Fitness & Nutrition programs.

Young Entrepreneur and Writer, yoga enthusiast Kishorekumar Chandrasekaran has undertaking to spread awareness about Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Emotional wellness by encouraging a healthy lifestyle routine modification through ancient yoga techniques as per spiritual yogic guru's of India and other part of world . As a 25-year old young men, his Entrepreneurial lifestyle proves that he lives by his famous philosophy(Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Positive).

The app contains free yoga routines and easy home workouts to help you increase concentration & maintain a healthy and fitness balance in life. The App offers diverse yoga, fitness, meditation & nutrition programs that will help you gain clarity and peace of mind, anxiety decreases, Better memory and retention, happiness increases, creativity increases and More mental strength and energy. All with the help of easy exercises, yoga poses and customized nutrition plans. It is specially made for all kind of people including children.

Yoga programs for :
Everyday Stress out, Good Sleep, Mind, Office, Controlling High & Low Blood Pressure, Controlling Diabetes, Manage Anxiety, Partners, Relieve Constipation, Relieve Menstrual Pain

Food Programs for :
Fat Loss, Flat Belly, Men Over 40, Beginners, Toning Body, Legs, Arms, Post-Pregnancy (Weight Loss), Core Strengthening.

Meditation for: Inner Peace, Pregnancy, Relaxation, Chakra's & Wellness.

Dieting, Meditation, Weight loss, Yoga methodolgies of Ancient and Modern,.